Site updates and such

So we’re here! Found a really nice little place in Pacific Beach and some cheap furniture. We can finally sprawl out after what was a long and wonderful trek.

I haven’t updated in weeks because it proved either impossible or too difficult/time-consumptive a task on the road. But since we found a roof for our heads, we also discovered a neighbor’s usually-amicable wireless network, which, even tho it likes to take long naps at unpredictable times, is so very clutch I almost feel obligated to go knock, give her some sort of cake, and thank her for passwordlessness.

. . .

Although she probably doesn’t even realize it, and, well – c’mon, I’ve got free Internet, and no one’s getting hurt – why jeopardize that? I say ‘her’ because I can see her name and (cringeworthy) music through iTunes.

Anyway, generally our time since moving in has been spent building the basics of our nest (e.g. fridge food and a place to sit), as well as job hunting and exploring the area. The climate here is magnificent and remains difficult to believe; as time goes by, the stranger it becomes to every morning say ‘Oh, gee, what a nice day it is today!’

As far as this site goes, I promise to post at least thrice this week, which should be enough momentum to get this thing in flight. Despite a finicky connection, I’ve been able to upload a lot of trip photos, which I’ll start to show here and not just on the Flickr account. I also recently made some modifications to this site, including:

– adding a sidebar subscription link to my photostream
– adding a sidebar link to my photo map. When you’re there, wait a second for the page to load, and see the dots where we’ve been. You can toggle what photos to show in the upper left corner of the screen, zoom around, click to view, et cetera. I’ve only geotagged up to Texas, but it looks something like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

[update, 10/15/06: This post was imported from my old Blogger blog. The sidebar links to my photo stream feed, and my photo map, can now be found at the very bottom of the main page, or through the link bar beneath the nameplate up top.]


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