I gats a job! A probably-short freelance gig that’s definitely pretty weird for me (consulting??) — but it counts. Now I can goof off without feeling bad about it. Or do the other 3,000 kinda-mandatory things on my list. Not that I won’t keep hunting.

Other great news:

  • I’m posting this through our very own and thus-far speedy cable internet connection, the installation of which was prompt and professional, although finding an ISP in my area was practically like pulling the curtains on a shadow government. (I know you’re there!!) I finally found a backdoor route, and am saving about $20 a month because of it. Double boo-yah.
  • Our costumes for Muddy Buddy (this weekend, holy crap), or at least our idea for them, are coming together. I’ll keep it a surprise until afterwards, though it’s one of these. Now it’s time to, uh, start training.
  • Ross, my old hurdling buddy from high school, tracked me down all-internet-stalker-like to tell me he’d recently sliced his knee on something and like a flashback had vivid fits of nostalgic bloodthirst. Man, it’s weird, and so is hurdling, but I know what he means. To this day, when I see a guardrail, a chained-in parking lot — anything that prevents my direct walking route — I sometimes feel a gravitational pull to sprint straight-ahead and karate kick that ish in half. In the good ol’ days, Ross and I would often take home 1st and 2nd place at league meets, and relish in our DOMINATION. Today we passed back and forth Photshopped images of each other in thine midst of battle. Here’s my favorite, of his head on Gail Devers’ body:


Anyhow, it was great to hear from him. That’s all for now. 10-24.


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