Hasty November Wrap-up

Holy crap my brain is fried, after having just pulled an all-nighter finishing up some freelance work. This should be an interesting post.

. . .

It’s been too long; a lot has happened this month that I’m sorry I wasn’t more on-the-ball to write about it. I can’t say I’ve been too busy, but I have been having a lot of fun. Me and eliza are having a ball, e.g. on Black Friday.

I’ve also been exploring more of the geekier-end of blogging (the geekier geekier end), namely a lot of Feedburner offerings I hadn’t realized were there, like widgets n’ fings, just waiting to be tinkered with. I also burned an RSS feed for my recently-implemented usage of del.icio.us, the idea of which is so cool it kinda makes me tingly, like the time I climbed the rope in gym class. If you don’t know about del.icio.us, you should look into it; and feel free to check out what I’ve bookmarked recently. Ok, anyway. November.

Ed Bradley died. A true source of inspiration. One of those few people that truly could get my blood flowing during a news piece and remind me that great journalism will always find a way to break through and matter regardless of political/cultural climate. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t kicking unheard-of amount of journalistic ass, and learning of his death was just so surprising, and so sad. I had no idea about his leukemia. Thank you, Ed.

Speaking of death, I’m lucky one of my cousins is still alive, unscathed even, after he totaled the car I sold him this past summer. He’s so lucky and I’m so glad he’s fine, and who friggin’ cares about the car, cuz? Not in a long time have I woke up to worse news two days in a row. Reading an email about that; then the next day waking up to eliza mentioning some power plant one town over from where a bunch of my family lives just exploded into in what was something close to a seismic event.

In better news, the Dems take House and Senate majority this January 3.

For Thanksgiving, we had a great time at the Branning’s (friends of eliza’s parents, now ours), who were so gracious to host us, alongside so many other people, and played fun games and served plenty of veggie options that were… scrumtrulescent.

Eliza and I finally got desks last night. We’d since been using our laptops literally for months. Hoorah!

I’m sure I’m forgetting something else, but I also had a wonderful time visiting Portland earlier this month; despite the weather, it was wonderful to hang out for a few days with two of my very best friends. Here is a photo of a weirdo, adjoined sock creature I made, ‘Chno/Kinny’:


The end/goodnight! (It’s noon!)


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