Magic: The Gathering contest #2

Okay, take two. Last week’s debut contest post seems to have been too difficult, so here’s a clue since nobody won: its set is Apocalypse.

This week’s card, at left, is much easier. A classic card from a classic set. Contrary to eliza’s claims, the word ‘gobbler’ is not included in the name, as insisted it must.

Also, I admit a contest sort of implies a prize, but I’ve yet to think of anything appropriate. Ideas?


5 responses to “Magic: The Gathering contest #2

  1. Now that’s much easier. Lhurgoyf.

  2. Cypress-Faced Chiropractor

  3. Lhurgoyf! Of course! The stories I could tell about Lhurgoyf! This probably will require me to start a new blog.

  4. Hm, good idea, Jerry. I might have to beat you to the punch.

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