Drooling over Apple’s iPhone


Controversy aside, and knowing I wouldn’t need half its features, I must say Apple’s latest toy looks mighty cool,* and I don’t even like big BlackBerryish thingies. Like, at all. But this thing’s practically a laptop in your pocket, and seems very intuitive. Check out the video tutorial.

*Cool enough to break my blogging silence. Will try to update more regularly — a new year’s resolution. Happy 2007!


4 responses to “Drooling over Apple’s iPhone

  1. It is amazing what they can do. Sadly I don’t know half the features on my current phone that I’ve had over two years. I shudder to think how overwhelmed this baby would make me.

  2. Wow, that does look awesome. It becomes a real arms race.

    I was just doing that subscribe thing for people who don’t use RSS (which is most of my friends.) This does look cool though.

  3. Now that I actually look at it, I suppose this could handle the e-mail too. I’m an idiot.

  4. John, I don’t use my phone for much more than talking either, and maybe a little texting. But I dunno. This release feels like a real signal of things to come. Like perhaps laptops and phones as stand-alones are going to be on the ropes. Just carry around your info-thing all day, and maybe plug it into a bigger display when you get home if you want to look at photos, write, websurf, or whatever. Too crazy?

    Jerry, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, other than it probably has something to do with when I was talking about you using Feedburner?

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