Magic: The Gathering Contest #3


Don’t look at him too long, it’ll freak you out.

This round’s winner will receive the funniest piece of spam I’ve received this week, in the form of a forwarded email.

— personalized for you!!

[Congratulations to Mike, who’s now two-for-two following his recent success with the weeks-unsolved debut challenge.]


8 responses to “Magic: The Gathering Contest #3

  1. “Appalled but mesmerized Jay Leno viewer”

  2. who can follow john?? he wins the People’s Choice Award. i will dream up some spam for him toute suite.*

    *definitely on the anti-dictionary list.

  3. “toute suite.*
    *definitely on the anti-dictionary list.”

    This is true.**

    ** 1st ballot inductee into the “stupid things to say in a conversation” hall of fame.

  4. Brink of Madness! Take that, mike’s streak!

  5. Where’s my spam?

    Currently the top two items of my spam box are ‘Asian girl peeing outdoor’ and ‘Only V’ AG* RA’ Soft Tabs makes your penis hard and mighty’. You better be able to top that!

  6. Jeff, sorry for the wait — it’s coming. I hadn’t realized I cleared out my comment spam more recently than I’d thought, and lost what I remember were some doozies. I don’t want to give you run-of-the-mill stuff, but now I really have to step up to the plate.

  7. Jeff, finally sent it. Sorry for the wait.

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