Snap — More Nifty Than Annoying? just offered to its users Snap capability. It’s enabled right now, which means if you hover your cursor over a link in my main content, it’ll pop-out a preview of what page it would jump to if you clicked. Try it out.

As of now, I think this is more cool than irritating, but if you disagree, you can disable the feature on your own by clicking on the options button in the upper right corner of the preview window.

Your thoughts on this technology?

[Update.  I shut it off.  Too in-your-face] 


5 responses to “Snap — More Nifty Than Annoying?

  1. It reminds me too much of ad links that turn your text into a hyperlink-ridden advertising board. So, I’ll be the first to say that Snap is annoying.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Dmitri. I tend to agree, but still go back and forth. Say, for instance, I was talking about my friend, and wanted to link (like I just did) to a pop-up picture. I think that’s pretty cool.

    But I’d also like to be able to scroll across a page without stuff jumping out at me against my will.

    Perhaps the best thing would be for WordPress to offer different-than-normal link code ({snap}link{/snap}) for items I want to Snap-link to, instead of either all or nothing.

  3. i just noticed something annoying — i previewed your blog on john’s blogroll using snap, and it showed this entry as the most current one, when you have long since posted “amped”. so, if i didn’t already know that was outdated, i may have not checked your link, thinking you hadn’t posted since.

  4. Joe — more annoying than nifty in the fullness of time. At first, perhaps it is more nifty than annoying.

    Like anything else, the novelty wears off and real functionality (or lack thereof, in this case) is all that’s left.

  5. Jeff, thanks for the feedback. I’ve just toggled it off. I wonder if it’ll feel like turning off a TV or something, and appreciating how quiet it’s become.

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