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[home feeling more and more like home, originally uploaded by thestatusjoe.]

Fooling around with posting directly from Flickr. Hope you like this recent note-plastered photo.


9 responses to “Posting directly from Flickr

  1. I think, that is interesting for all.

  2. Hello all, i just want to introduce myself – I am a dj – Dj Ellyah and i play in New York house and drum and bass clubs. I don’t know what to say.. 🙂 i love meeting open minded people, who like music and fun. I am not looking for boy/girlfriend, sx, etc..! So.. cheers all 🙂

  3. This look interesting,so far.
    If there are any real people here looking to network, leave me a post.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  4. This site is super informative.

    I find it really useful.🙂


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  6. Just switched the movie “Mist”. A rare cloudy shit. Make no mistake – young recruits through the fog came in 1941. Slang, Ponte, cheeky Bazaar, light hazing. In general, our realities. Been caught guys in trouble, fired at them, the commander was killed. Then he killed a couple of them, until they began to understand what is happening.
    OK, I sit at the screen and talk – “Yes SHOOT YOU, CHE in this complex,” of course not have to. I did not shoot at people, the war was not, therefore, to give advice to others in such a case would be foolish.

    BUT I am a computer – games about the war I know that NOT ENEMY unleashes, the prisoner must not talk, the more believe in him and believed the enemy is not that war is BAD.
    And in the movie at least two have already died because of these errors. Well, nonsense, unacceptable. if boys yard, you should know that, if home is on computer games should understand it. And show us some hybrids incomprehensible.

    In general, turbidity and shit, especially when the reasoning went, not so easy to kill a man. ” Any fool could understand that is not easy, especially deep philosophy here is no.
    PS. The Germans behaved in a village almost disguised NKVD-Schnick.

  7. Hello !

    I’m new on this forum so I introduce me…

    My name is Jason I’m 25 years old, I’m French.

    I like: Tennis and baseball…

    Nice to meet you

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