(V.2) How To: Upload and Stream Your MP3s Through Your WordPress.com Blog — For Free

[This is the second version of this tutorial. It might look familiar, but is quite different (in that it should work for everyone). A big shout-out to Juan for finding an amicable file host.]

For those interested in taking advantage of WordPress.com’s great new audio player, but are not sure how — and/or don’t want to pay to do so — here’s one way that’s both free and easy.

Afterwards you’ll be able to do this with any .mp3 on your computer (click play):

Artist: The Can Kickers | Song: Froggy Went a Courtin’

1.) Sign up at WebMusicTown. I’m not affiliated with this site in any way. Nor do I know much about them — other than they host audio files for free (1o gigs!) and allow remote access without any shenanigans. (That we’ve seen yet.)

2.) Click on create new playlist.

3.) Fill out your music genre etc., and make sure you check the box to allow public access to your file. Then click the ‘save and upload mp3s’ button at the bottom.

4.) Click browse and choose the file you want to upload. Click ‘Add MP3,’ and be patient as the transfer process has no graphic to track its process.

5.) Once the file is up, right-click on its hypertext. Mac users: select ‘Copy link location.’ PC-ers: choose ‘copy shortcut.’


6.) Final steps. Get into your WordPress.com dashboard and create a new post or a new page.

7.) Select the code tab, not the visual tab.

8.) Paste the URL into the following template:

  • It should look something like this in your editor:


9.) Make sure there are no spaces anywhere — except one after the word ‘audio’.

10.) Publish and enjoy!

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89 responses to “(V.2) How To: Upload and Stream Your MP3s Through Your WordPress.com Blog — For Free

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  2. emperorbananaketchup

    Thanks…I should consider them!!!

  3. Thanks for this second tutorial, but the mp3 host site you gave (Music Web Town) doesn’t seem to be working for me either.

    I can play the sample file in the WP announcement page, so I know there’s nothing wrong with my wordpress or IE etc., but the audio player doesn’t seem to like the mp3s that I host either here or at esnips or elsewhere and so it still hangs on buffering.

    have any suggestions?

  4. PS. by “here” I meant Music Web Town, not WP.

  5. Thank you for the feedback.

    Paul, does the song at the top of this post work for you? Also, I know this was in the tutorial, but just to make sure — in your Music Web Town profile, do you have selected the option to make your files public? That needs to be checked in order for this to work. Also, are you able to play your music at the WMT site?

  6. Yeah the file at the top of this page works for me and I’ve also gotten the sample file in the original WP announcement to work on my blog, although for some reason it wasn’t working earlier today. My problem is just that I can’t seem to get the files I host to work.

    I’ve double and triple-checked my Music Web Town folders again, and they’re both set to public (in fact I even created a new one just to make sure).

    Any ideas?

  7. Paul, I’m trying to think of ideas. I have a friend who’s doing this successfully – running IE on Windows. Is your version of Flash up to date?

    I’d like to help you figure it out. Could you give me the URL of your MWT page? You could post it in this comment section, or feel free to email me (thestatusjoe at gmail)?

    (nice blog, btw. I just subscribed.)

  8. Joe, just wanted to thank you for the shout-out **thumbs up**

    Regarding Paul’s problem, I was gonna ask him also if it’d be possible for him to post the URL of one of his files so that I (or you) could try loading it into the player and see if his problem can be replicated.

  9. Thanks for the kind words about my blog Joe.

    Here’s a link to one of my (well, actually it’s the only) mp3 files.

    [audio src="http://www.musicwebtown.com/paulitics/playlists/17629/137812.mp3" /]

    I really appreciate all your help. Thanks again.

  10. Paul, I’m not sure this is the case, but I tried it and my theory right now is your file’s too big. Try uploading a smaller one (less than 10MB?) and let me know if it works?

    also see if this works (through a WordPress player):

    [audio src="http://www.musicwebtown.com/joebird/playlists/17187/134940.mp3" /]

    – Joe

  11. Paul,

    Have you tried deleting the file and re-uploading it again?

    Your .mp3 is buffering on my end too… it seems to load since I see the loading bar filling up but it won’t play. Perhaps re-uploading the file will fix this issue?

  12. Good idea, Juan.

    If anyone else is reading this, for whom the player IS working, could you chime in real quick? I’d like to get an idea whether Paul’s fritzy experience is isolated or not, since it’s been working great otherwise according to everyone else I’ve heard from. Thanks.

  13. suhweet, thanks for the tutorial.

  14. sure thing, volaticus. lemme know how it goes?

  15. Joe & Juan – my file is under 10MB, it’s actually less than 5MB.

    Also, while I haven’t tried deleting the file, I have made two different folders and I’ve uploaded it (successfully) on two occasions, once for each folder, and can get it to play on MWT in either folder.

    Also, Joe, the file that you wanted me to try in my WP works just fine on my blog.

  16. Thanks for yet another hint… I was wondering if I could add “podcasts” into WP, and this seems like a nice way to go around it. You’re the man of the hints joe 🙂

  17. Paul and Joe,

    I went to Paul’s MWT site and tried both his playlists Blog and Blog2 and none of his players would play the .mp3 file. I tried this in Firefox on both Mac and Windows XP.

    So, I took the liberty of downloading Paul’s file and re-encoded it (Paul, I apologize for not asking your authorization first). It works now, and you can see it here:

    Paul, you can download the re-encoded file here:


    Once you’ve downloaded the file, please let me know so that I can delete it from both my blog and my MWT site.

    I think the problem was how the file was encoded. If you see the properties of the file Paul is currently using, it has a bit rate of 0 kbps. I think that’s weird. The re-encoded version has a bit rate of 56 kbps and is 1MB bigger.


  18. ::stands and applauds::

  19. Juan and Joe: I just wanted to say thanks a million. The file worked beautifully and Juan, you can now delete it if you like.

    Again, a million thanks.

  20. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this, Im going to try this new way right now. Thanks again for keeping me posted.

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  22. Joe:

    My english isn´t good too… But, I try explain my wrong.

    I would like put songs in my blog, but I try following the indications of your post, but I don´t know what I make wrong, because when I put the code of the song, only appears text, don´t recognize the code and I try with goear, castpost, etc… but my result is always the same …

    Thanks for your help!!!

  23. paul, so glad it worked out!

    chelsea, let me know how it goes?

    elelespaciodemartha, i’d love to help. i hope my english and your spanish does not make bad communication for us. maybe chatting would be good? you can chat with me if you look at the right (not left) side of my page.

    [this goes for everyone.]

  24. Joe, if she hasn’t contacted you yet, perhaps I may be of assistance. Let’s see…

    Martha, el editor donde escribís tu artículo tiene dos pestañas: “Visual” y “Code”. Me imagino que cuando metes el código, lo haces en el modo “Visual”. Si es asi, lo que ha de pasar es que el programa convierte los corchetes ‘[]’ a su representación HTML y por eso solo te sale texto.

    Lo que debes hacer es, pulsa sobre la pestaña “Code” (si esta tu interfaz en español, pueda que diga Codigo), ya que hayas pulsado en esa pestaña, entoces ingresa el código como Joe lo indica arriba.

    Por cierto, ¿cuál es la dirección de tu blog? tu nombre de usuario enlaza a un blog que esta borrado.

    Espero esto te ayude.

  25. Sweet. Juan, thanks again.

  26. Thanks for the tutorial. It works very good in my blog.

  27. Juan:

    Si pongo el codigo en la pestaña de “Code”, pero aun asi, al actualizar el blog me sigue apareciendo el mismo texto que introduje, no se porque razon, y como te comento, lo he intentado varias veces sin ningun resultado.

    El link de mi blog es: http://paginassueltasydecolores.wordpress.com

  28. Thanks dude!
    it works great!!! 😀

  29. Rosa, lacelia: I’m glad!

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  31. So at this point the link can only be put in a post or on a page? Has anyone had success with applying this to sidebar widgets?

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  33. thank you so much for the help 🙂
    finaly, ive got music on my site/blog 😀
    and yeah, it works. but it stops up a lot through the first play, though… but thats probably just because of the buffering thing…
    for those of you that have some problems: if youre editing the post with the player in it, make sure you do so in the code version, like he stressed, `cus it definately didn`t work (for me) as i was unlucky once and forgot to change it from visual. just a little reminder 🙂

    bye 🙂

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  36. Perfect! I was trying esnips, but it doesn’t work. This looks like it will work. Thank you.

  37. Well, I THOUGHT it would work. It just went down–or I can’t access it any more. 😦 I’ll try again this afternoon.

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  39. Thanks for the tutorial! One question: why your song is so fast to get buffered and my uploads take so much time?!?
    What can be the reason for such a different speed?
    With the same browser, the same computer, and the same connection! I hate to wait so long, and to have my friends to do so. Can you help me? please!

  40. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you’re my saviour

  41. thanks for that, after reading many threads, you had the answer in one place for me!

  42. Joe,

    Thanks for posting this. Ass you see it’s something a lot off people have troubles with.

    I have a problem too: I signed up at musicwebtown and uploaded music. It all worked fine. The problem I have is that I can’t find the url I should use. The url I find looks like this:


    As you see it doesn’t end with “mp3” and it doesn’t work with the WP-player. Any hints?

    I’ve been trying to get music on my blog several times. I would be ecstatic if I could get it too work 😉

  43. It is good that everyone made it with success. But I dont know why it was not working on my blog. I put the [audio http://www.musicwebtown.com/username/65659%5D in my code tab but when i click to see it in visual i can see the code not the player. Could You help me! Thank You!

  44. [audio:http://www.musicwebtown.com/username/playlists/45365/757789.mp3%5D OK. I made a mistake before, but now I put this code and the same. I really dont understand..

  45. Thanks for the very helpful post. I would like to add a few comments that may prove helpful for others too. I use a Mac Powerbook G4. In Safari I write html code, everythings goes smoothly, it then loads the file but doesn’t play it. In Firefox and Flock listening is no problem, although there are problems with the Greek fonts.

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  47. jameswillisisthebest

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

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  49. Anyone know if it’s possible to put this little player into a sidebar widget, or in some other static location on the blog?

  50. unfaithfuldestiny

    i dont get it!!! i did everything right but nothings happening! all it says is “buffering” does it have something to do with the coding? this is what i got.
    [audio src="http://www.musicwebtown.com/unfaithfulufd/playlists/142624/1105282.mp3" /]

  51. ok, all done right up until the end, prolly the easiest part i cant figure out.
    Ok, when i ctrl click on my mac and copy the link into my code page in WP, I dont get those square bracket things or the word audio, which i can figure out, but not the square brackets which may make all the difference in code land for all i know. I tried and () and neither worked, just turns up as text or not at all

  52. haha see that dont turn up at all do they?

  53. the pointy less than/greater than, that’s what i was trying to write.


  55. Hiya Joe,

    If you get a chance, could you check out my site: thecoppersun.wordpress.com

    …I tried using this method on the Sidetracks page and while it works from my home computer, I’m not sure that it’s working on anyone elses…any tips?

  56. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    I’m sorry I haven’t and still don’t have the time to troubleshoot all your individual problems at this point, but for those that do: please feel welcome to continue to use this post as a forum to help each other.

    As you can see from my latest post here, I now blog at thestatusjoe.com. You are also quite welcome to chat there; there are additional comments about streaming audio here.

    @thecoppersun your sidetracks page works for me. nice!

  57. i was a little confused about how to do this and now i have it all figured out !!!! thanks joe !!!

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  59. so, i’ve done evverything you said here, and it’s still not working for me.. everytime i click the “play” button, it says “error opening file,” and it just won’t open.

    so, this goes out to anyone who reads this… help?

  60. Stellar, I think the problem is that you pasted your code into the web preview or Normal window. Go to the top of the page and click View, then click HTML code. Paste your code one space after the beginning bracket and the word “audio” like this: [audio code goes here], then publish.

  61. Boy, if someone could help me get this working I’d really be happy. My mp3 player on my blog just buffers but never plays.

    Here’s my code:
    [audio http://www.musicwebtown.com/stevenator65/playlists/198227/1604913.mp3%5D


  62. So, Musicwebtown doesn’t give out mp3 URLs anymore. Anyone know any other sites?

  63. Thanks for the post

  64. thelittleaboutme

    Thank you sooo much!!! I Luv your post… Now I HAVE an mp3 player on my wordpress!!! 🙂
    And once again… Thanks to you.
    Keep posting good post like this one!!!

  65. airplanesofpaper

    For anyone who is still stuck in the last steps, in step seven where you click the “code” button, after step eight, you MUST do step seven again.

    On another note, thank you for this tutorial Joe. It’s very much appreciated.

  66. Tried it couple of times but doesnt seem to work for me. My file:
    [audio src="http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/loyalcasanova/playlists/250063/2231715.mp3" /]

    encoded at 44.1khz as reqd by wordpress. yet it only buffers and doesnt ply.

    Looking forward to your help.

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  72. is musicwebtown legal?

  73. The Young Librarian Series thanks you for this post! Super useful.

  74. Thanks for this Joe.

    It works a treat!

  75. has anyone tried ourmedia.com for hosting files you want to stream?

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  78. Thanks for that information, I’m now going to try it out.

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  80. Status Joe, thanks so much!

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  84. This doesn’t work.

  85. Is there an updated music host?

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  87. Hey thanks for the help! I’ve been trying to stream music on my blog and shall try out this method (:

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