Boston Mooninites Behind-the-Scenes Video

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Boston Mooninites Behind-the-Scenes Video
[Hub-bub Aside, This is Rad as Hell if You Ask Me]

Via: The Lede | *New*: Cartoon Network Chief Steps Down, [adult swim] apology
Coverage:, BBC News, Turner to pay costs, Zebro on YouTube
Commentary: Embarassment in Boston, We’re the laughingstock, LED shirts!

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4 responses to “Boston Mooninites Behind-the-Scenes Video

  1. Did you see the press conference? Hilarious!

  2. hah! nice find, i was wondering about this after hearing all the rumors to many effects and the ridiculous radio traffic reports about “suspicious packages” (we have no other information about the description at this time)…

  3. The press conference really is hilarious.

    If only Menino et al were shown this sooner — all would have been made clear, and chaos avoided.

  4. Cool!

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