Myspace Promotes Republican Propaganda

The latest banner ad on the homepages of Myspace users is for a Fox News program called ‘The ½ Hour News Hour.’

The show is obviously intended as a Daily Show spoof, but from what I gather from the clip’s content (footage that plays on racist stereotypes and implies out of the blue that Obama is basically some sort of ‘stinky negro’) and the timing of its debut (ramping up for the upcoming presidential election), it seems to be a thinly-veiled Republican propaganda device.

Not convinced? Here’s a video of an introduction to the show… with sociopaths Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

As you hopefully already know, Myspace is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. News Corp. and its subsidiary Fox News are infamous for spreading across-the-board conservative propaganda (e.g. in the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialized in favor of the war).

Additionally, Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News Channel, is the only head of a major news-gathering organization in the United States with a background as a paid political consultant.

Namely, Ailes’s political work has included:

  • working as a media adviser to Richard M. Nixon Presidential Campaign in 1967-68
  • working as a consultant in 1984 to Ronald Reagan
  • working on George H. W. Bush’s 1988 Presidential campaign

It goes deeper than that, and you should keep poking around the internet if you’re curious. I just thought you should know, or remind you, that — money aside — this is exactly why Murdoch bought Myspace. A captive audience.

And for the record on Obama’s drug use, here is a clip of him on 60 Minutes candidly addressing his own past in his own words. This in contrast to Bush’s continued alcohol and cocaine abuse throughout his 40s, which to this day he refuses to directly acknowledge.

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19 responses to “Myspace Promotes Republican Propaganda

  1. I’m curious about what your objections are. Do you not like the fact that a “cable news” station would air a comedy show that presents such a slanted view? (obviously a legit objection and something I’m positively squeamish about.)

    Or the fact that there is now an alternative to the Daily Show, which is propaganda if there ever was any. I find the accusation of the debut to be paired with the Presidential election a bit comical, as you can never be more than a year or two away from the ramping up of a Presidential election, coupled with the fact that the Daily Show basically functioned as a Get Out The Vote for Democrats the last several years.

    I would hardly call myspace goers a captive audience. I think most 16 year old scatter brains will treat that ad like they do the ones where you box with monkeys or have smiley faces shout at you when your cursor gets to close, with contempt.

    I find the Obama stuff in that clip to be pretty innocuous, certainly not nearly as personal as things get on the Daily Show. I think drawing the conclusion that they are calling him a “stinky negro” is beyond harsh. The guy happens to have funny initials, would you bat an eye if it was the same joke for a white guy named Brian Olsen? What is fair game on a comedy show? As far as I can recall, the only person who seriously addressed Obama’s grooming habits was Joe Bidon.

    I doubt the show will be funny, but I’m interested for one reason only. Brian Unger, who I thought was one best correspondent the Daily Show had, will be on this show, so I’m excited to see his work again.

  2. sociopaths? what would that make you?

  3. I am a democrat but I most definitely do not like Jon Stewart and the liberals. They are the biggest bigots on the planet and are responsible for driving millions out of the Democratic party with their hatred of Christianity and traditional American culture. Liberals should be marginlized to the extreme left of our party and ignored. Instead they have all the power because they have all the money.

    Liberals lie as well as neocons. They claim to be against the holocaust in Iraq but the moneybags dumped Al Gore and told him he would get no money or support. Then they foist John the Zionist warmonger Kerry off on us so that whether a liberal or a neocon got into the White House the results would be the same for mucking Israel. Now the United States is being bankrupted as liberals approve another 100 billion and our Christian children are killing Muslims and being killed by them. For what?

    In 2005 Christmas season a Jew at Robert Reich’s website boasted of how Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas and other songs that took Christ out of Christmas and made it a meaningless, winter holiday for everyone. What charmers. After reading the leftwing internet for years I learned to not like the liberals and I never read what I now refer to as the liberal/jewish internet. Nor do I watch Jon Stewart but I understand why he is the darling of the liberals and that he basically has a following among our young people so that they are disarmed by humor and propagandized against Christians, American traditions etc.

    Hardaway has been censored and denied the right to play in important basketball games because he dissed gays. How do the rights of one group negate the rights of another. Hardaway has a right to be revolted by gays and to express that revulsion. He has a right to free speech and it should not be conditioned upon gays’ approval just as Christian beliefs against homosexuality and their opposition to it should not be conditioned upon anyone else’s approval.

    The liberals are taking away our freedoms and attacking our fundamental rights. I believe that gays have freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and they have freedom to persue their happiness but if I were in hardaways’ big shoes I would hire a lawyer. The enforcers of political correctness are dangerous, self serving world class assholes.

    The unfortuante thing here is that Rupert Murdoch and the neocons control one party and the liberals/Jews control the other. Look where it has us.

    Now the old creep Abe Foxman is complaining about the freedoms of the internet and how people are getting the facts and turning against Zionism as was reported by the Palm Beach paper. I thought I was a liberal when I got my first computer and began reading the left wing news everyday. Now I can’t stand liberals and the moneybags. Thank God for the internet because you get to know people and get facts. I came to dislike them based upon their own ways and their own words. The content of their character. Reject liberals and neocons and save ourselves and the American way.

  4. to respond to john: i think the “BO” magazine was one part making fun of fellow black american oprah’s egomaniacal publication, “O”, one part innocuous leno-esque humor, and, yes, one part racism.

    you can’t deny that they were trying to juxtapose his america’s sweetheart image with a caricature of a hypersexual, hygiene-lacking afro-american (“don’t tell momma i’m for obama”? positions to drive the voters wild? his college nickname was “gassy”?)

    of course, i think the show should exist without obstruction — free speech, naturally. the daily show is admittedly slanted (although it’s not whipped by democrats either — i hope this new Fox show can laugh at its party, too) and i’m not at all opposed to real balance.

    however, i would much prefer it to be on a comedy station rather than a ‘fair & balanced’ news station. and i would like it to be funny. i also think there are ways of lampooning a public figure without taking digs at his race or his hygiene — jon stewart may be caustic at times, but he’s usually letting people’s own quotes embarrass them. word play, sight gags, silliness, caught-on-tape antics — actual comedy derived from actual news. doing sit-down stand-up about fart jokes isn’t going to help the right wing balance the conversation stewart currently dominates. if they do want to compete with TDS, they should try to be smarter than it, not meaner than it.

    but at least limbaugh and coulter are finally getting out of ‘real’ news and into straight comedy, which is what they should have been doing all along.

  5. Oh no! How DARE Myspace do that! Are you an idiot? Oh, you’re anti-republican, of course you’re an idiot… Hey, here’s an idea. Why don’t you go make out with your life size Nancy Pelosi cutout or something? Oh wait, you’re probably too busy playing Magic: The Gathering.

  6. Lizadilly,

    I still don’t understand how the BO stuff is at all racism. At no point is it implied that the gassy jokes are at all in reference to his race. I’m afraid when we assume things like that, it might be our own racial prejudices rearing their heads.

    I have no confidence that the show will be funny, and that clip did nothing to change things. I think the BO stuff was more a product of having very little true ammunition on him as a candidate then it did anything racial. Obama hasn’t been around long so there aren’t many mistakes to attack, and who knows, maybe there never will be.

    I think those clips with Limbaugh and Coulter were proof that they will attempt to laugh at themselves. They seemed pretty self-deprecating there. Not that I care, I haven’t been able to listen to Limbaugh without my ears bleeding in over a decade, and despite my high opinion of Coulter’s first two books and early columns (which lacked the cheap shots and know it all attitude and kept to hard facts and interesting commentary) she has long since morphed into an absolute cartoon of herself and has become downright embarrassing and a liability to anyone sharing her bottom line viewpoint.

    I think having the show air on FOX would have been a much better idea than airing on FOXNEWS. In the end the show is going to fail, and they are going to fuel perception of FOXNEWS being a conservative wasteland, which I don’t think is true. Opinion shows like O’Reilly are obviously pretty well slanted to the right, but that isn’t news. I think the actual news on the station is balanced. They bring in real liberal commentators to debate against the conservative viewpoint. People who worked in the Clinton and Carter administrations.

    On the other hand CNN represents Republicans with Pat and Bay Buchanan who aren’t even Republicans anymore!

    There is no doubt about the leaning of the powers that be behind FOXNEWS, and the fact that they chose to put the show on that channel is pretty hard to argue against what they are trying to do.

    Again, I don’t expect the show to last long than a month or two. I don’t think it will be funny, just as I don’t think the Daily Show is funny. Every time I turn it on, there is just too much of Stewart mugging and trying to look cute. That kind of delivery is the same thing that has turned me off to SNL. Also, Colbert’s act got old pretty fast. I pine for the days of Craigers Kilborn, but I suppose I’m in the minority.


    Ummmm, some ummm, interesting comments you got there….

  7. Funny, the majority of the propoganda I get on my account over at is generally from left wingers promoting a democratic presidential candidate. I haven’t gotten any spam from the NRA, pro-lifers, etc.

  8. Well I have to agree with kendrik2.
    You need to change the tint on your sunglass’s
    With all the lopsided spin and overwhelming bias from the left on myspace and most media.
    It seems the left goes fanatic and conspiratorial when they get a little of their own medicine. Relax its set in motion, I don’t really think we can change it now. In the long run you need to know the results will not be much different. It just takes a little longer with a conservative at the wheel or maybe not!

  9. I fail to see how one ad for a fake news show is all that troubling. I see daily show ads everyday while I watch scrubs- no big thing.

    -J. Kaiser

  10. to john — you’re right that the bit doesn’t come out and say that the smell jokes or the sex jokes are because he’s black. they could be a wink-nudge allusion, or they could be nothing at all. making an out-and-out race joke would be far too risky even for the most inflammatory commentators. what’s much more tolerated is mocking women, and the more i see the skit, the more i think that it isn’t as racially skewed as it is an attempt to efeminize obama’s image — a much lower-risk approach to humor. it’s off the PC charts to say black people are stinky, but it’s still ok to imply someone lacks political virility because he’s so sensitive and feel-good that he should have his own vapid women’s-interest type magazine. you might disagree with that interpretation and i wouldn’t challenge you; it’s just an impression. overall, i didn’t find the spoof that offensive anyway, just bland, like you said.

    and to everyone else who seems to think the status joe is a republican-hating fascist:

    i believe that at the heart of his concern over the original topic (not to be confused with the international jewish media conspiracy, or whatever you’re on about), the issue is less which party is infiltrating youth culture, but more, that a person with as much political influence as rupert murdoch can buy a grass-roots network on the internet, and turn it into another bullhorn for his leanings. (altho i will say, the term “republican propaganda”, while perhaps true, strikes me as a bit harsh. anything taking a position without declaring a position can be called propaganda, but the word conjures hitleresque imagery.) joe is a journalist and an advocate of independent media, so i can understand why he finds this development particularly threatening.

    personally, the murdoch-myspace-1/2hournewshour triangle only concerns me insofar as:

    1) i think that the consolidation of the media, which murdoch exemplifies, is bad for any democracy, whether it is saturated by the left-wing or the right-wing voice.

    1a) even beyond politics, such monopolies (think disney/abc, etc) result in creepy cross-marketing strategies that limit what messages can really reach us. it may seem petty to care what advertising we do and don’t get to see, but when an owner of a media outlet uses the advertising space to promote his/her other products, it does create a closed circuit to competition that will not or cannot be purchased by these media giants. places like myspace were supposedly created to take the reigns away from such giants, and we should keep at least a few of those networks unaffiliated.

    2) it is troubling to me whenever i see political views advertised as if they are trendy, as if they are fashion statements or any other product in a commercial. an opinion about occupation in iraq is not like a breakfast cereal; it shouldn’t be marketed the same way. i include TDS in this. overall, TDS is a form of tabloid journalism — one that provides catch phrases and punchlines, but because of the medium, cannot possibly provide adequate depth. on the other hand, if viewed as a compliment to well-educated opinions rather than a substitute for them, it can serve a useful purpose: keeping a critical eye on politics, while providing a humorous relief to the common side effect of doing so — perpetual stress and anxiety.

    the redeeming quality that i see in TDS, is that when they get me interested in something — be it a conflicting pair of quotes or some unreported-upon-issue, i go and look it up. i read about it in the REAL news. the fox show isn’t even on yet, so it’s obviously too early to judge it, but based on the clip they chose to represent it, it seems they have little interest in accomplishing that, and more in the ‘mugging’ department.

  11. Dilly,

    I would actually agree with your assessment, in part anyway. Having viewed it again, I still believe it is mostly Leno humor, but I agree that the segment seemed to attempt to emasculate him more than take shots at his race. The “positions drive voters wild” crack seemed to be aimed at articles you might find in Glamour Magazine.

    I don’t even see much racial content there. And even if there was, I don’t necessarily see that as evil. After listening to Obama’s speech announcing his candidacy, his major platform seems to be that he is black. If he is going to make the color of his skin the major issue in his run, he can expect to have some fun poked at it. Or should he be bulletproof?

    Also, I don’t understand how B.O. and Gassy are racial. Does this play into some type of stereo type I’m not aware of?

    As far as the show in general, I wasn’t planning on viewing it until this blog and the clip got me interested. I caught the debut last night, and it had its moments in my opinion. The hosts are not very good at all, too much mugging (which I hate). The male host was particularly grating, his facial expressions were beyond distracting.

    I laughed at a few jokes, but I thought the real strengths were the two skits, which I found to be pretty funny. The audience was TOO into it, it almost sounded like canned laughter was added in. It was obnoxious.

    In the end, I think the show flashed some potential, but I don’t know how far they can go with the hosts they currently have in place.

  12. I stumbled thumbed up the article. Well written and good research.

  13. FOX ordered 13 episodes of the propaganda. But I only saw the first show, so I have nothing else to report as far as content.

  14. The racial element is there, but I think carefully protected. I’m just glad we don’t have to watch the brainstorming sessions as they come up with this stuff. It really isn’t smart comedy anyway. Cracking fart jokes doesn’t take brains. John Stewart’s show is well written and well delivered. This has nothing in common.

  15. Foxnews actually has a show that is a lot funnier. It is called Rey Eye.

  16. Of course I meant “Red Eye.” By the way, I am now 100% addicted to the show now. The only show I have programmed in my DVR for daily recording.

  17. Hey now, what’s so wrong with my initials?!

  18. what do u say? your initials? mine are MR.. Here we are talkin’ about Scrubs.. (i think)

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