Napa Weekend

We’re in San Francisco / Napa for the weekend to explore and run a race. I’ll probably Twitter from my phone a few more times, if you want to check out what we’re up to and where we’re at.


One response to “Napa Weekend

  1. Yes! I’ve had quite a few actually! My very first was a DM from Sherri Shepherd ! We were discussing performers at the Grammys 🙂 I’ve also gotten replies from Brian McNamara (Gen. Holden on Army Wives!) several times, Wendy Davis (Joan on Army Wives), Little Big Town , Joshua Morrow , Melissa Peterman (Barbara Jean on Reba), Steel Magnolia , Selah , Chris Mann and several others. Then there are famous people in my mind like Alli Worthington and Danielle Smith 🙂 I’ve gotten retweets from Karen Kingsbury , Eric Braeden (Victor on Y&R), and several others. Oh, and the day Jon Acuff and Doug Davidson (Paul on Y&R) followed me on twitter, I nearly died! It’s fun stuff!

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