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Napa Weekend

We’re in San Francisco / Napa for the weekend to explore and run a race. I’ll probably Twitter from my phone a few more times, if you want to check out what we’re up to and where we’re at.



[Iris, originally uploaded by thestatusjoe, is part of the new Balboa Park photoset]

Locked Out

Eliza did a great job editing her first video — of us helping a neighbor who’d locked herself out of the building. It’s about time I reposted it.

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(Via everything @ once)

Hiking Torrey Pines

We trekked around the Torrey Pines State Reserve yesterday. Photo-tastic!
View slideshow here

Mission Bay Bicycling

Was stupid fun yesterday!

‘Muddily do until we bodily bust’*

Back in college, I wrote an essay for my Philosophy in Literature class about a muddy metaphor Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. makes in his novel, Cat’s Cradle.** I just now finished editing the footage from this weekend’s Muddy Buddy (video below), and, watching everyone again – reliving the tingly joy of being exhausted and filthy – it reminded me of a certain reverence for nature depicted through Bokononism,* the ‘made up’ religion mentioned throughout the book.

I won’t get too far into it, but especially with everything that’s going on these days in the world, and in this country, there is a strange comfort in knowing that a drove of wild hooligans need no better reason to get together and act like a bunch of animals than just that. If anything, it says something about the demand for a feeling of community and release that is created by such an isolated society.

Anyhow, doing this race was really something.

  • Read eliza’s entry about it.
  • Check out the narrated photos: [set menu] [slideshow]
  • Play the video below. Or view it [here] at Highlights include a man finishing ahead of his partner despite his prosthetic leg falling off. (His partner carried it for him.):


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Pumpkins and The Hellhole.

eliza and I went pumpkin picking this week. Autumn in San Diego is more of a season than we expected — trees do shed and leaves get pretty here — but the outing proved to be a much stronger and welcome dose of the east-coast Fall we know and love. After playing around like kids for a while at Bates Nut Farm, we hiked the nearby… Hellhole Canyon. Which, while its title couldn’t be much more badass, is less steep and treacherous than it is spookily beautiful.

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