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One of the Best Wildlife Videos Ever

You may already seen this, but it’s just too good not to make sure:


Please Hold (Lumiere #1)

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The DMV appreciates my patience. My first lumiere. Behold my afro.

Via Michael Verdi. More lumieres here.

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  • 60 seconds max
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects

Coachella Video — The Fireball Machine

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Friendly Fire in Iraq. Cockpit Audio/Video Footage.

Via The Lede:

Click above to play the video obtained by The Sun newspaper in Britain.

Click play below to hear the audio (extended cockpit conversation):

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War Links — Alive in Baghdad; Lt. Ehren K. Watada

Maybe it’s the physical proximity, but too often I feel detached from the chaos and the bloodshed in Iraq, when really U.S. involvement was and is funded entirely by my and your tax dollars. To wake up, and to hopefully gain a more honest perspective about what is happening, I feel obligated to find more sources in order to better understand what is really going on.

Below is a site that for me has brought such a fresh perspective: first-hand accounts from Iraqi citizens. In the spirit of learning, please feel free to comment and share other sources you’ve found that might deserve more attention.

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Boston Mooninites Behind-the-Scenes Video

mooninite.gif images.jpg
Boston Mooninites Behind-the-Scenes Video
[Hub-bub Aside, This is Rad as Hell if You Ask Me]

Via: The Lede | *New*: Cartoon Network Chief Steps Down, [adult swim] apology
Coverage:, BBC News, Turner to pay costs, Zebro on YouTube
Commentary: Embarassment in Boston, We’re the laughingstock, LED shirts!

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Unearth tonight w/Slayer

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Things appear to be coming full circle somehow. Seeing Unearth live was literally the first thing done upon landing here in San Diego, and now that I’m finally starting to begin to feel more at home here, it seems fitting I’m going to thrash out watching them again tonight — opening for Slayer. This is a video I made from footage I took when they were last here in September. Enjoy.

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