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Please Hold (Lumiere #1)

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The DMV appreciates my patience. My first lumiere. Behold my afro.

Via Michael Verdi. More lumieres here.

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  • 60 seconds max
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects


Coachella Video — The Fireball Machine

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Unearth tonight w/Slayer

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Things appear to be coming full circle somehow. Seeing Unearth live was literally the first thing done upon landing here in San Diego, and now that I’m finally starting to begin to feel more at home here, it seems fitting I’m going to thrash out watching them again tonight — opening for Slayer. This is a video I made from footage I took when they were last here in September. Enjoy.

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Locked Out

Eliza did a great job editing her first video — of us helping a neighbor who’d locked herself out of the building. It’s about time I reposted it.

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(Via everything @ once)

‘Muddily do until we bodily bust’*

Back in college, I wrote an essay for my Philosophy in Literature class about a muddy metaphor Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. makes in his novel, Cat’s Cradle.** I just now finished editing the footage from this weekend’s Muddy Buddy (video below), and, watching everyone again – reliving the tingly joy of being exhausted and filthy – it reminded me of a certain reverence for nature depicted through Bokononism,* the ‘made up’ religion mentioned throughout the book.

I won’t get too far into it, but especially with everything that’s going on these days in the world, and in this country, there is a strange comfort in knowing that a drove of wild hooligans need no better reason to get together and act like a bunch of animals than just that. If anything, it says something about the demand for a feeling of community and release that is created by such an isolated society.

Anyhow, doing this race was really something.

  • Read eliza’s entry about it.
  • Check out the narrated photos: [set menu] [slideshow]
  • Play the video below. Or view it [here] at Highlights include a man finishing ahead of his partner despite his prosthetic leg falling off. (His partner carried it for him.):


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Night Driver

Somewhere outside Washington, D.C. —

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Song ‘Night Driver’ by Tom Petty

Numero Uno

So this is my first post. It was initially a test that I planned to delete, but after uploading the video I realized that by pure coincidence the clip I created ends immedietely when the song does. Hello there, serendipity. I know better than to close the door in your face.

Anyhow, this is footage I took of The Can Kickers at Johnny D’s in December of 2004, I believe. The song is Black Jack Davy. Hope you like it.

Click on the thumbnail or hypertext below to view. That’s how I’ll roll in future video posts, as well. If it doesn’t load for you, send me an email.

Your new blogging friend,

– Joe

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