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I’ve moved to

Hey all, I’m not as dormant as you might think. I’m at now, and ported over pretty much all of the content from here except some recent comments. This domain will remain up for now, but only so old links from elsewhere to here aren’t dead. All new content will be posted at

So long as you’re using my feedburner feed, you shouldn’t have to update your RSS reader, if that’s how you’re reading this. I’ll update its source feed in a couple days so you have time to see this post.


– Joe


Napa Weekend

We’re in San Francisco / Napa for the weekend to explore and run a race. I’ll probably Twitter from my phone a few more times, if you want to check out what we’re up to and where we’re at.


[Iris, originally uploaded by thestatusjoe, is part of the new Balboa Park photoset]

Big Brother is Watching

Big Brother is Watching[Big Brother is Watching, originally uploaded by thestatusjoe]

Mike and Jacob are blogging their drive to California from Chicago, GPS coordinates and everything!

So it Goes

It’s been far, far too long since last I posted. I’ve been pretty busy. I still am, but I’d rather write something than nothing at all in the face of a full update (forthcoming).

Kurt Vonnegut died and I am sad. Here is my entry from last fall which will serve for now as my memorial. Vonnegut meant a lot of things to a lot of people; the NYT’s piece put it well. I linked to it and a nice slideshow on my

I got a job and have been spending a lot of time trying to get as acquainted as possible there. I’ve also launched a TSJ sister-site as a spot for all the feed widgets I’d like to share but don’t have room for using this layout. Check it out.

I also bought two hosted domains. One for a portfolio site and the other as a testing ground for an idea I have for a social network. Accordingly, I’ve been whiteboarding with myself and researching to get down and dirty with PHP and Flash.

Ciao for now. Hopefully this will unclog me and you’ll see much more frequent updates here.

– Joe

Zen Pigeon

[Zen Pigeon, originally uploaded by thestatusjoe]

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Coachella 2007 — April 27-29 | INDIO, CA

tickets | full lineup | message board | updates | directions | Google map

Update 4/30/07: View my mobile posts from Coachella 2007

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